The Mama Mafia Restaurant Packages Its Food with Quirky Mafia Images

 - Jul 23, 2015
References: & lovelypackage
Russian designer Dima Je has designed a quirky cartoon prototype package for the Mama Mafia restaurant. Since this eatery combines both Japanese and Italian cuisine, the packaging was designed to reflect both styles.

All of the packaging is based on a light brown, white or orange background. Atop this background are scattered images of small cartoon characters such as a Japanese sword fighter, a gun-shooting octopus, mafia-themed sunglasses and brass knuckles.

While the imagery sounds slightly aggressive, it is balanced with the cartoon elements. Most of the packaging contains the tiny cartoon images but the pizza boxes and Japanese noodle boxes differ. They are presented with larger a graphic than the other dishes. These boxes simply have a single character consuming the tasty pizza, or noodle dish from Mama Mafia's restaurant.