This Cultural Ribbon Art is Suspended Over a Jazz Stage in Mall Palza

 - Aug 24, 2015
References: ferrerceroni &
Felipe Ferrer Ceroni designed an elegant display of ribbons suspended from a light fixture at Mall Plaza in Chile. The design was created in a vacant commercial space that was not being used. In an attempt to make use of the commercial space within the shopping center, the idea of creating art and music began to evolve.

The beautifully colored ribbons range from red to yellow and every color between. The ribbons act as a roof that is located above a recreational space, which is was transformed in the stage for local jazz concerts.

Each ribbon is delicately tied and left to gently sway as music fills the air. The eye-catching ribbon display draws in passersby. While these individuals might be drawn in by the colors, they stay for the live music and cultural expression at Mall Plaza.