The Malanie Rothschild Exhibit Splatters Materials on to Canvas

 - Feb 27, 2013
References: melanierothschild & mymodernmet
The Malanie Rothschild The Paint & Air collection features the haphazard work of the Los Angeles based artist. Rothschild is distinguished as self-taught, and it is no wonder that she has done away with traditional design techniques in this exhibit.

Rothschild channeled the unusual in The Paint & Air as she splattered a gallon of paint loosely on to a blank canvas. The materials fell naturally, giving way to these messy drips of purple, orange, pink and green. And while she did not tamper with the final product, it nonetheless came together seamlessly as the points faded into one another via the triad of layers.

She remains focused upon this unintentional aspect, "The way we think about mistakes can play a pivotal role in how we experience life. We miss out on so much potential when we obsess about mistakes in all things."