Modest Mylk's Nut Bases Help People Make Nut Milk at Home

 - Jan 24, 2019
References: modestmylk & nosh
Although many health-conscious consumers are swapping out traditional dairy products for plant-based beverage alternatives, some people hope to avoid ingredients like gums and stabilizers that are commonly found in store-bought nut milk drinks—and prefer to make nut milk at home. In order to offer consumers the freshness and purity of homemade plant-based milk with the convenience of a prepackaged product, Modest Mylk is offering an innovative new way for consumers to enjoy "mylk" at home.

Rather than packaging its product by the carton or bottle, Modest Mylk makes concentrated nut bases that only need to be blended with water to form a rich, flavorful beverage. Modest Mylk offers Vanilla, Chocolate, Cashew, Macadamia, Coco-Nut and Oat-Nut varieties, all of which are organic, vegan and free from preservatives and stabilizers.