- Oct 26, 2007
References: waterleech.au & waterleech.au
If you're like most of us, then every time you take a shower you feel a sense of guilt for wasting a precious resource. That could all change!

With the Water-Leech, you can still indulge in long showers and baths without feeling guilty.

"It is almost criminal to think we let all this water go to waste while still consuming precious drinking water to keep what gardens we still have alive. Yet it happens in every household every day," the Water-Leech site says. "We as a community love our gardens and the feel of nice green grass under our feet. Something we have taken for granted in the past, unfortunately as our governing bodies strive for a reduction in water consumption around the home we find it harder and harder to maintain our gardens."

The Water-Leech is a system that can pump the grey water and accumulate it for an alternative use. From bath to garden, water is reused without restriction.