This Bullet Train Prototype Sucks in Electricity from the Tracks

 - May 23, 2014
References: & gizmodo
The Korea Railroad Research Institute and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have collaborated to develop an incredible magnet-powered bullet train. This bullet train is the first rail vehicle to use wireless power transmissoin.

Bullet trains usually have to use a large amount of electrical current through ugly overhear power lines. But this new train prototype -- which recently took its first ride -- sucks electricity from the tracks below instead.

A power inverter located near the track transfers about 1 megawatt of electricity through special coils installed on track level. The electricity forms a high-frequency magnetic field which spreads, allow the train's current-collection coils to absorb the energy.

The test prototype train was only able to chug along at about 4 km/h during its test run, but could hit speeds of 400 km/h in the future.