Is Madonna's Wardrobe Too Edgy In Her New Album Promo?

 - Jan 19, 2009
References: dailymail & catwalkqueen
What is going on with Madonna? She’s always been edgy, but since news of her divorce, she’s really cranked up the raunchiness factor.

The fashion choices Madonna makes to promote herself keep getting more controversial; the scandalous images above are the latest to endorse her Hard Candy album. In them, Madonna wears a very revealing outfit nearly the same color of her milky white skin. Very little is left to the imagination, save for her lower legs which are tied into thigh-high white boots that one imagines could be found in a red light district ‘fashion’ shop.

We’ve seen Madonna wear some pretty gutsy outfits over the years, but into her 50s, is something like this outfit (or lack thereof) still appropriate?

Let’s pretend that the statement "50 is the new 30" is true; if that’s the case, would it have been OK if a mother of teens back in the 1950s wore something like this? No. But in the 1970s? Yes, but the bare skin would have been to make a statement about not conforming. Then again, isn’t that what Madonna does?

It’s hard to say what’s right, and even if there was a concrete answer, Madonna wouldn’t care.

While most celebrities fade as they age, disappearing from the lime light, Madonna seems eager to keep her star glowing bright. Considering the trends Madonna has set in the past, she’s certainly worth keeping an eye on, especially now.