'madaragr.am' Allows Mother Nature to Play with Your Pictures

 - Aug 3, 2013
References: madaracosmetics & madaragr.am
'madaragr.am' provides nature's very own photo filters that allow you to enjoy the magic of the Northern meadows. These photo filters are not created by computers, but by Mother Nature herself, as people can send in their photos to be fused with these elements.
A single computer is placed in the middle of a meadow, responsible for receiving photos through a 3G connection and displaying them on a screen, then clicking a DSLR camera to combine the surrounding nature and photo, which is then sent back to the consumer.

'madaragr.am' works day and night, during noon heat and summer night rain. There are more than 20 various filters, created from various plants found in the Northern Meadow. They are changed every day or two so you can enjoy the full spectrum of nature. It might take more then 25 seconds to get your photo back from a meadow, but then again, nature has never been about speed or stress.