This Go-Kart Race Perfectly Recreates the Iconic Mad Max Chase Scene

 - Aug 20, 2015
References: laughingsquid & io9
In anticipation of the Fury Road video game, filmmaker Devin Graham worked with Warner Brothers to create this incredible reenactment of a Mad Max chase scene -- on go-karts.

Graham's team reportedly spent over 900 hours recreating the Mad Max chase. The apocalyptic vehicles piloted by the War Boys in the blockbuster film are replaced with go-karts and all of the weapons are paintball guns. The short film was shot in black and white in the Utah desert and sometimes it's hard to tell that it's not the original.

Mad Max was one of the summer's biggest movies and has spawned a range of spin-off products and tribute -- from the video game to Mad Max-inspired fashion editorials. This epic Mad Max chase reenactment inspires viewers to recreate the adventure themselves and is a clever advertisement for the first-person adventure offered by the video game.