The Maciej Boryna ‘Submission and Authority' Photos are Violent

Looks like the bad girls are on the run again as there are so many violent women captures and one of them being the Maciej Boryna ‘Submission and Authority’ photos. The shoot portrays an aggressive woman using a weapon on the streets.

This shoot is just one of the many photo series that capture violent women and this idea has been picked from Angelina Jolie movies like ‘Salt’ and ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith.’ Not so long ago this was quite unusual, but the norms have been set aside and hostile captures are on the rise.

The feisty women also don extremely sassy, figure-hugging dresses that are surely going to make this one fierce gallery. So if you are among those who prefer watching wicked women hitting the weapons, rather than the streets, the Maciej Boryna ‘Submission and Authority’ series is sure going to blow your mind.