M+ in Hong Kong Pays Tribute to This Well-Known Urban Staple

 - Aug 1, 2014
References: neonsigns.hk & designboom
M+ in Hong Kong is a museum that is putting on an installation to draw attention to a popular form of display in the area: neon signs. The museum has asked people to send in their photos from signs that they see all around the city, which has amalgamated in approximately 4,000 images that are now on display.

Instead of just coming to the museum to observe these images, M+ in Hong Kong has also asked individuals to use their smartphones to locate where these images were taken in the city. That way it's not just a random neon sign hanging up in a museum, but a part of the urban landscape where people pass through every day.

Neon signs define Hong Kong, so getting rid of them would completely change the feel of the city. Photo Credits: designboom, neonsigns.hk