Pendants the First Step Toward Ownership

 - Dec 14, 2007   Updated: Apr 8 2011
References: luxist
Imitation wealth on a keyring. If demand is any indicator, these are hot, hot, hot. The only style in stock is for the Audi. Forget getting your hand on Bentley, BMW, Ferarri, Jag, Lambo, Maserati, Mercedes, Porshce, or Rolls Royce logos before Christmas. Sterling silver, or sterling with white gold, or pure platinum from $130 and up.

Implications - These auto logo key chains are an example of any company's ability to expand beyond their initial industry and into other innovations, solidifying their status as an iconic brand. This can be achieved through persistence and a deep understanding of your target demographic, as is exemplified by this company's idea to extend auto logos onto car accessories like keys.