Custom Lux Minimalist Game Table is Sweet and Shatterproof

 - Mar 1, 2009   Updated: Jun 20 2011
References: pooltableportfolio may be the place that Obama needs to reference to get consumer confidence back into spending mode. Today, we feature the Lux Minimalist foosball table made of stainless, aluminum and unbreakable glass. You can customize almost anything on the foosball table, including the colors of the frame, legs and players.

I'm sure the bank would love to loan you the $18,000 it takes to get one.

Implications - The ability to customize a common item is appealing to consumers who feel the monotony of seeing the same things repeatedly. Creative designs that push the boundaries on what is conventional for a certain product attracts more customers through its shock factor. Creating styles with one-of-a-kind aesthetics could help grow the audience of a company.