From Bar Sports Home Decor to Tablet Gaming Tables

 - Dec 6, 2012
Chances are that you grew up in a home with a low-tech version of one of the two-timing foosball tables seen here. Perhaps your foosball table came with a wooden cover that instantly allowed it to become a ping pong table. Maybe you had a next-level game table that could play foosball, ping pong and pool. Lucky. Bottom line is, a fair majority of foosball tables are designed to do more than let you play tabletop soccer.

All of these two-timing foosball tables pull double duty, with some acting as swanky pieces of furniture once the action is over. Bubblegum machines, barbecues and, surprisingly, iPads can all be used as a foostable in a pinch. If you're a competitive person who's obsessed with multicapable devices, then you'll want to check out all of these two-timing foosball tables.