Luminar Tiles

 - Jan 25, 2008
References: granitifiandre
As with most products in he marketplace today there is a glut of products and the only way to differentiate is to be either cheap or "remarkable" according to author Seth Godin.

Graniti Fiandre lets light create the focus for their new porcelain tile, the Luminar. The surface design interacts with light to make the metallic finishes appear unique and truly "remarkable."

"Luminar goes beyond the classic effects of light found in nature," the press release said. "The new GranitiFiandre collection offers an innovative solution where matter lets itself be shaped by light, creating a beautiful shimmer no matter what the conditions: in full light, in shadow, and even in moonlight.

"The surface of the material is covered by a continuous series of concentric circular engravings: the result is a bright, reflective surface, created in part through a special treatment that is applied to the technical porcelain tile to ensure outstanding aesthetic results.

"Luminar gets its visual impact from the unique optical effect given by its surface design. It is an interactive material that plays with light, is born of light, reflects light and generates light."

They come in gold, silver and bronze.