These Elaborate Lumecluster Masks are 3D-Printed from Digital Designs

 - Mar 9, 2014
References: shapeways & likecool
These Lumecluster Masks look like they've been sculpted from porcelain and embellished with elaborate carved detailing. This is not the actual process of producing the exquisite disguises, however, for they began with fluid illustrations by Melissa Ng.

The artist applied her organic drawn patterns to a computer program and worked them into the three diminutional profile of a face mask. With the help of Shapeways, Ng prints three sizes of her theatrical accessories, with the smallest to be used as a decoration and the largest to function as a wearable item. There are also three styles of the Lumecluster Masks that include the Dreamer, the Dreamer Half Mask and the Nightmare. The former two have penetrable motifs in the white nylon plastic while the latter has a solid translucent layer underneath.