The Lucirmas Hanging Coatrack Features Drinking Vessels Instead of Dowels

 - Jan 30, 2014
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To acquire something like the Lucirmás Hanging Coatrack is to experience the satisfaction of extending the lifespan of frequently discarded items. This contemporary clothes hook system comprises the top halves of recycled glass bottles that might once have held wine, beer, spirits or water.

Beginning with a collection of beautiful vessels, the designer makes diagonal cuts and fixes the bottlenecks to glass panels at upturned angles. These become effective pegs that can hold jackets, scarves, bag straps and all sorts of other garments and accessories. Each Lucirmás Hanging Coatrack is handmade. It comes in one of two sizes and there are three color options available. You may prefer a clear material, a bright green, an earthy brown or a combination of several in the one piece.