Lorenzo Scudiero Captures Picturesque Scenes of Adventurers

 - May 9, 2016
References: flickr & fubiz.net
Whether concentrating on quiet scenes or on solitary travellers, Lorenzo Scudiero's photographic works are completely arresting. They encourage people to take a moment in order to enjoy the moment. Whether revelling in the images themselves or their own surroundings as they browse through them, it's hard not to be inspired by Lorenzo Scudiero's artistic eye and ability to appreciate life in such an adventurous way.

Merely 19 years of age, Lorenzo Scudiero seems to have explored a lot. He captures landscape after landscape with friends and on his own. There is a sense of freedom -- both in terms of a journey and in his own expression of creativity -- that pervades his portfolio. Lorenzo Scudiero is a photographer to watch.