The Long 8 Chair by Natanel Gluska is Adventurously Asymmetrical

 - Aug 23, 2012
References: natanelgluska & yankodesign
The Long 8 Chair boasts a beautifully sculptural design. Adventurously asymmetrical, the bench bulges outward on one end while sleekly sloping down to the ground on the other. Impressively carved out of a single piece of log with a chainsaw, the Long 8 Chair somehow manages to maintain a hold on its organic roots while exhibiting a refined aesthetic. This is due in large part to the curvy, hollowed-out end of the Long 8 Chair.

Created by Natanel Gluska, a multidisciplinary artist born in Israel and based in Zurich, the Long 8 Chair has been stunningly replicated in fiberglass. Available in a number of glossy colors, the chair is perfect for both nature-loving individuals fostering a rustic decor and contemporary people looking for artistic furniture pieces.