The London's Leafy Tarmac Looks Intentionally Applied

 - Oct 10, 2011
References: dailymail & amusingplanet
Neither man nor nature can be credited completely with London's leafy tarmac this month, since the combination of artificially mixed asphalt and extremely hot weather became the recipe for this unexpected city scene. On an urban street leading up to Trafalgar Square, patches of newer non-stick pavement must have become a little to warm beneath the sun, inviting the early fallen autumn leaves to rest on the surface. It would have been an unusual pair of events to occur simultaneously.

The visual result is quite astounding, revealing an elaborate road-coating carpet of foliage, sealed in by the weight of automotive wheels driving over the street. Distinctively straight boundaries mark the start and end of London's leafy tarmac, creating curious patterns that were first believed to be an art installation.