The Lomocubes Residence is Perfect for High-Rollers

 - Jul 3, 2014
References: mpaarchitetti & contemporist
Commissioned by Alessandro Lo Monaco, MPA Architetti designed the Lomocubes building, a new residential project in Lugano, Switzerand.

The prolific condominium is the epitome of luxury, starting with the view: the building looks over the scenic Lugano lakeshore. Beyond the prime location, the building features groundbreaking architectural construction. Notably, the architects wanted to create a symbiotic relationship between the interior and exterior spaces. They achieved this by offering a beautiful, unobstructed view through the living room of each unit. The architects also took special care in choosing their materials, establishing an aesthetic that toggled between transparency and opacity accordingly.

Ultimately, the condominium proves to be a balancing act, like most things; however, the architects have achieved this balance so beautifully, subtly, and more importantly, seductively. It's not a stretch to say that the luxurious building has the power to lure and seduce.