The 'Lolz' Game Comes with Many Different Themed Versions

 - Dec 2, 2016
References: lolz.gif
The Lolz Game is a fun and creative way for friends and family to enjoy themselves when they get together.

The game is quite simple as it only requires players to split into even teams, shuffle the card decks provided and have one of the teams pick the first card. The first player to pick the card must read the phrase aloud to their team members, who have 30 seconds to guess what they are trying to say. The catch is that the game comes with a mouth insert that distorts the user's mouth and makes it difficult for them to speak. The Lolz Game comes in different versions with an original version, a family pack, a "naughty" version, and two special holiday packs – one for adults and one for all ages.

The Lolz Game provides simple fun for people in every demographic.