Logo Website Catches Plagiarists in the Act

 - Dec 10, 2013
References: logothief & creativebloq
LogoThief.com is a logo website dedicate to catching copycats who steal logo designs from other businesses. Anyone can go online to Logothief and report logos they think have been plagiarized. From a hotel in the Philippines using the Harrod’s logo, to a television show that stole its title card from a French fashion designer, Logothief has caught a myriad of companies in the act and shamed them all publicly.

Logos are identifying trademarks for a company, and logo plagiarism, done knowingly or not (there’s at least one example of small businesses hiring designers only to get logos they have no idea are plagiarized until someone tells them) can unfairly attract customers seeking one thing -- online especially -- only to get another. LogoThief’s logo websites seeks to put an end to logo plagiarism by exposing the thieves in public and forcing them to redesign after being caught.