The L'Officiel Mexico Rokas Darulis Photoshoot Features Upscale Jean Looks

The May 2015 L'Officiel Mexico Rokas Darulis photoshoot displays a series of denim pieces with a high end, modern appeal. In the production, stylist Katy Lassen proved that jeans aren't just for casual settings, but can instead be worn for a variety of formal or semi-formal occasions.

Model Katryn Kruger showcased the beauty of these unusual pieces. She did so with the help of a loose one-piece suit, a large button-up jacket and pants featuring slight frills.

A passion for diversity certainly informed Lassen's selection of apparel. This stems from her inclusion of revealing cut out dresses, wide legged pants and chunky knit sweaters. Readers will as such be able to replicate these current looks in a variety of ways.