'Localarchitecture' Builds the 'House in Confignon'

Swiss-based firm 'Localarchitecture has put together the 'House in Confignon,' which from a distance looks a bit disorganized. However, upon closer inspection it's clear that triangular shapes were used in a purposefully uneven manner to achieve this desired effect for the place.

The house is made from a concrete shell, and is built to resemble the surrounding orchards. Instead of simply going with a boxed, rectangular motif, Localarchitecture decided on this sloping triangle scheme instead to mimic the surrounding fields. Since thick concrete walls were used for this design, there is little chance of the residences hearing much sound from the road, allowing them to live in peace and quiet. Moreover, they can enjoy their natural surroundings of the serene orchards, and gaze out through the floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the house. Photo Credits: designboom, localarchitecture.ch