This British Pub Will Be Built by Volunteers and Local Tradespeople

 - Aug 28, 2015
References: thepilcrowpub & psfk
The 'Pilcrow Pub' is a newly designed Manchester restaurant that will be built by volunteers and local tradespeople. In many cities, traditional handcrafting skills are slowly being replaced with large-scale construction projects. The Pilcrow Pub is a new project that helps revive these disappearing craft skills.

The new pub will be designed as a temporary structure that moves around the neighborhood over the course of construction. As the structure is being built, volunteers will be able to attend workshops where they can learn how to work on different parts of the building. The workshops will be led by local tradespeople who rely on traditional methods to design everything from the beer glasses to the bell used to signal last call.

The project helps to encourage the rediscovery of traditional skills that are quickly being replaced with modern construction techniques.