'The Lobster' Pizza by Fratelli Fresh is Topped with Fior Di Latte Cheese

Sydney-based eatery Fratelli Fresh recently launched a specialty lobster pizza which will be offered for a limited time. The lavish menu item is made with rich garlic butter, Fior Di Latte cheese and steamed lobster and boasts a fresh garnish of parsley and garlic.

Priced at $59 per dish, this gourmet pizza replaces traditional meat toppings with a seafood alternative that is equally as indulgent and tasty. The item will be featured alongside four other signature pies ranging from meat-topped to vegetarian options.

In addition to 'The Lobster' pizza, Fratelli Fresh is also selling 'Pork & Fennel Meatball,' 'Willy’s Nduja Sausage,' 'Popeye,' and 'Burrata & Bresaola' pies for a limited time as part of its new Speciale Pizzas menu. The pizzas are available now across Sydney at the eatery's city-wide locations.