Llamarada Brings a Cemetery to Life

 - Aug 25, 2014
References: vimeo & juxtapoz
Mexico City-based animation studio Llamarada brought a cemetery to life when they projected their cartoons onto the tombstones of the deceased.

The video was shown in the PanteĆ³n de Dolores, the largest cemetery in Mexico measuring 590 acres and housing 700,000 graves. Llamarada used only a handful of the tombstones and surrounding trees as screens to project their Day of the Dead cartoon. The cartoon features brightly colored animals dancing around to loud and very lively music. The vibrant colors and happy tune stand in stark contrast to the somber atmosphere of the graveyard. Initially the change is jarring, however, over time you become accustomed to the playful atmosphere that envelops the graveyard.

While it seems impossible to say, Llamarada manages to get you smiling in a cemetery.