This Chart Explains How the Human Race Could Potentially Live on Mars

 - Sep 26, 2015
References: ideas.ted & dailyinfographic
The 'How We'll Live on Mars' infographic is based off of the data collected by Stephen Petranek explains all the ways living on planet Mars would be different than living on Earth. The chart use stats and data to explain the difference in time, temperature, years and lifestyle that leaving on Mars would have.

The infographic begins by explaining the difference in time on Mars compared to the Earth with a year -- meaning one full trip around the sun -- that lasts roughly 687 days. Other interesting differences include drastic temperature changes from 70 degrees Fahrenheit to a whopping -100. Another striking difference is the planet atmospheres. Mars has an atmosphere of 95% carbon dioxide meaning humans will have to pump oxygen into the atmosphere and find a way to displace the carbon dioxide to be able to breathe.

The infographic is a great read for anyone interested in climate change, the solar system or looking to understand if sustaining life on Mars is a feasible option for the future.