Live Action 'Duck Hunt' Gets the Gizmodo Stamp of Approval (Sort Of)

 - Oct 10, 2009
References: hammacher & gizmodo
If you ever played 'Duck Hunt' as a child, you'll probably love this live-action 'Duck Hunt' game, which borrows the best aspects of the video game and brings them into the real world. Gizmodo's Sean Fallon tested the game out and shot the videos you see above and below, which depict short and long flights, respectively.

We covered this electronic version of a retro game when it was unveiled at this year's CES show. So how did the live action 'Duck Hunt' game fare in Gizmodo's review? Fairly well--Fallon noted that while gameplay was fun in short increments, the game's accessories--a plastic gun and flying fowl--are likely to break quite easily.