The Little Mouth Necklace is Slightly Disturbing and Completely Eccentric

 - Jun 19, 2012
References: etsy & bookofjoe
The Little Mouth Necklace may seem disturbing and eccentric, but that is where its charms lay. Like the Little Third Ear that took the Internet by storm a couple of weeks ago, this accessory also revolves around an important human organ. A mouth can act as a constant reminder of not only the ability to speak, but also to listen--especially since the Little Mouth Necklace boasts closed lips.

Inspired by the human anatomy, Percy Lau, a jewelry maker based in London, England, created the Little Mouth Necklace. Made out of Super Sculpey, a type of clay, the flesh-like pendant is hung on a gold chain. Utterly unique, the Little Mouth Necklace is almost like a type of talisman or keepsake.