Litt Av En Kylling Packaging Adopts a Scrumptious Avian Aesthetic

 - Apr 28, 2011
References: & belowtheclouds
There's a bit of a conflict of interest within the new Litt Av En Kylling packaging design, but the main reason for this is the absolutely adorable way in which the poultry dish is advertised.

The name of the product translates to "a bit of a chicken," and the dinnertime delight within came from the same cute creature that's featured on the front of the sachet. Endearing one moment but digested the next, the cheeping spokeschick invites you to snack on Crispy Wings and two other edibles called Original Grill and Mild Provence.

The black base color of the bags has a charming simplicity, and when combined with a minimal bird symbol and youthful scrawled cursive text, Litt Av En Kylling packaging is as enticing in looks and in taste.