These Lita Daisy Boots by Jeffrey Campbell Dress Up T-Shirts and Jeans

 - Apr 25, 2013
References: jeffreycampbellshoes & fredflare
Ladies who fawn over shoes will be speechless when they see these Lita Daisy Boots by Jeffrey Campbell. These sky-high platform booties are a new member of the 'Lita' family, a style designed by Jeffrey Campbell, a god of gorgeous shoe designs. Most of Campbell's collections are sophisticated in design, but are also equally shocking in their materials and the finished product.

In peek-a-boo fashion, these Lita Daisy Boots by Jeffrey Campbell feature a tanned leather floral-patterned perforations and a sturdy wooden heel. Thank goodness for the sturdy heel because at a whopping five inches, ladies brave enough to wear these heels need all the support they can get -- even moral support too. While these shoes do feature a floral cut-out design, it is only until you get extremely close that you can see the intricate floral-inspired decal. Skinny jeans and a cute dresses are just some of the outfits that can be paired with these towering heels.