The Lisa Anne Auerbach Collection is Illicit and Fun

 - Jan 25, 2012
References: lisaanneauerbach & dazeddigital
The Lisa Anne Auerbach series 'Torn Porn' offers a curious perspective on catharsis and eroticism.

The ambiguity of Auerbach's work is enthralling, making the collection more than an ironic collation of found art. The curiosity evoked gives the 'Torn Porn' collection an emotional depth that wouldn't otherwise be present. A contributing factor to the power of this series is the size of the prints. Once tiny shredded remnants, the pieces of pornography are blown up to create enormous images. Once discarded, the slips become objects of focus. Meant to be forgotten in a cathartic disposal, the collection is given weight through the juxtaposition of intentions.

Lisa Anne Auerbach's 'Torn Porn' is delightfully mysterious, leaving the viewer curious.