'Refind' Lets Users Find the Best Links on the Web and Catalogue Them

 - Jun 11, 2016
References: refind & betalist
Finding great links on the web is always great, but recalling them or remembering where you saved them to your bookmark list is often a baffling ordeal; enter 'Refind' to help save the day (and your favorite content).

'Refind' works across all your devices to make saving the best links on the web a more efficient endeavor. When you find something you like or find relevant, you simply click the 'Refind' button to store it in your list. When you want to retrieve it, 'Refind' makes it easier by incorporating the technology into Google search and enabling you to see links that have been self-organized.

'Refind' also enables users to explore what others have saved to find information on the topics that matter most.