The LinkedIn Hub Tools Use Predictive Insights for Finding Ideal Applicants

 - Oct 12, 2018
References: mspoweruser & venturebeat
Hiring new employees can be an expensive and arduous task but the new Linkedin Talent Hub tool aims to make this recruitment process a lot easier. Leveraging predictive insights, Talent Hub also ties in Linkedin Jobs and Apply with Linkedin. The new tool is specially designed to streamline the entire hiring process and allows teams of recruiters to manage talent, gather feedback, and extend offers to promising applicants.

The new Talent Hub tool was recently showcased at Linkedin's Talent Connect conference. The demo displayed at the conference showed an in-depth use of the tool and was capable of easily finding applicants based on qualifications, location, salary expectations, and hiring date. The tool also makes the application process easier for prospects as they simply need to fill out a basic form that links to Linkedin profiles.

Image Credit: Linkedin