The LingLong DingDong A3 is China's Answer to the Amazon Echo

 - Nov 24, 2016
References: item.jd & mashable
The LingLong DingDong A3 is a device that's poised to take on a Chinese market hungry for the latest in consumer technology. The device is a home assistant, similar to the Amazon Echo, but it speaks and understands Chinese, rather than English.

While there's no doubt that the technology behind the Amazon Echo and other home assistants is impressive, the one drawback of these systems is that they are rooted in language. That means that, in order to sell them in foreign countries, the technology needs to be entirely reworked. Chinese tech company LingLong stepped up for Chinese consumers with the LingLong DingDong A3, offering a device that can control one's home (as well as functioning as a Bluetooth speaker) through Chinese voice commands.