The Collection of Line Art Pieces by Claire Trotignonare is Stunning

 - Jan 30, 2014
References: clairetrotignon.tumblr & booooooom
There's just something that keeps you locked in about these haunting line art pieces; it's hard to look away.

The captivating line art pieces by French artist Claire Trotignon are inspired by peaks, especially those with visually aesthetic architectural structures nestled atop of them.

Paying homage to the achingly stunning style of Japanese line art, the artist mixes contemporary-looking structures with this age-old tradition of art and the results are both delicate and bewitching. But that's not the most fascinating feat of Trotignon's art pieces; it's the untouched space she chooses to leave open. It's like she's almost beckoning us to use our imaginations and fill up the spaces to understand what the whole image would look like.

Using the thinnest of lines and the most intimate details in her monochromatic pieces also adds on to the enchanting feel of her artwork.