The Linda Farrow BOFFO Shop Exercises an Industrial Arrangement

 - Dec 13, 2013
References: nv-ny & dezeen
It would have been all too predictable to use the conventional shelves and tables with which to display this line of fashionable sunglasses, so the Linda Farrow BOFFO pop-up shop opted for a very different setup. You most certainly will not find typical furnishings within the temporary shipping container store in NYC, for heaps of rubble with opulent accents have been incorporated instead.

This part of the BOFFO Building Fashion series features a completely mirror-walled room by Neiheiser & Valle. The floor has been covered by dune-like heaps of gravel that form distinctive piles and pathways throughout. Between the little hills of broken rocks are V-shaped beams of shiny gold. It's these glamorous gilded elements that hold the stylish eyewear to produce an atypical method of merchandizing that's undoubtedly memorable.