The LikeDislike Napkins Request Your Personal Culinary Criticism

 - Dec 5, 2011
References: veinticuatrodientes & design-milk
A simple button on a website designed to let users show their acknowledgement or appreciation of mundane things has since cropped up in some unexpected places. The people behind the Facebook Like button may not have had bibs in mind, but these LikeDislike Napkins are actually well suited to the original idea.

From Veinticuatrodientes you get a set of two serviettes which, strictly speaking, are nothing special in terms of quality but plenty clever as far as pop culture humor is concerned. The pair are plain white cloths with a simple thumbs up cartoon printed onto them, offering the users the option to orient them to produce a positive or a negative comment. Conceived specifically as suppertime shirt protectors, the LikeDislike Napkins become signboards for chef scores.