These Ligne Blanche Candles are Perfect for Art Lovers

 - Dec 11, 2017
References: hbx & hypebae
These Ligne Blanche candles fuse practicality with sentimentality, offering consumers a thoughtful yet simple gift for the art aficionado in anyone's life.

The high-quality candles are enclosed in glass containers with labels that are reminiscent of famous works of art, by the likes of Warhol, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. These artful candle variations offer a pop of culture and color in one's home, offering the home owner a simple decorative addition, that can be reused even after it's burnt out. Some of the offered designs include Warhol's Campbell soup can, or Haring's signature Men drawing.

In addition to the unique design, these candles can burn for up to 70 hours, offering a glow that will last throughout the holiday season.