The Lighting-Up Broom Guides You to the Grime in Darkly-Lit Crannies

 - Nov 12, 2013
Part of cleaning your home properly does involve going on a bit of a hunt for hidden dirt. The Lighting-Up Broom makes this task much more efficient since it combines a lamp into its head. The hybrid flashlight floor cleaner will give you the assurance that even the out-of-sight stuff will be swept away.

This clever domestic product was voted "Best of the Best" within the 2013 Red Dot Design awards competition. Gao Yuan, Ye Yiwen, Wei Xinyi and Zhao Yi adapted the familiar form of sweeper only slightly, but they produced something wonderfully practical.

Hit the switch on the handle of the Lighting-Up Broom and the fiber optic bristles will illuminate. Additional LED lights will assist in brightening up dark corners and the gaps behind, between and beneath furnishings so that every spec of dust is addressed.