'Light Drifts' by Jenn Shifflet Portrays Surreal Flecks of Light

 - May 20, 2013
References: jennshifflet & faithistorment
Artist Jenn Shifflet captures stunning portraits of light drifts and flecks of illumination as they float through the air in her painting series.

With a background in photography, Shifflet knows the importance of light and color composition, and she delicately infuses her artwork with plays on streaks of darkness contrasted with sparks of brightness. Like a hazy dream you can just barely remember, her paintings reveal enough beauty and serenity to leave the viewer wanting more but obscure detail with blurs of chromatic ambiance. Natural elements are incorporated with water droplets, floral swirls and airborne bubbles dancing around on the canvas.

Jenn Shifflet captures ever elusive light drifts and twinkles in her surreal painting collection.