The Liftup is Designed to Help Mobilize the Elderly and Disabled

 - Aug 4, 2009   Updated: Aug 8 2011
Liftup is a design by Cenk Aytekin to help elderly and disabled people move around cities. As a form of public transportation, Liftup is specifically designed for uphill mobility within a 50-150 meter range.

Liftup has a fold-down seat, and allows users to either lean or sit during their trips. It also has the engine power button the handle grip for easy access.

Liftup starts and stops automatically and travels at 5-10mph.

Implications - The aged consumer demographic is growing, and corporations are looking to cater to these individuals by releasing products that compensate for these peoples' deteriorating physical capabilities. As this target market also has more disposable income in comparison to more youthful demographics, corporations may want to consider releasing products geared toward the elderly.