This Conceptual Heavy Lift Helicopter is Powerful and Efficient

 - Aug 20, 2018
References: facebook & tuvie
The shipping industry is going to change immensely in the near future as we shift towards efficient solutions that make the process of transporting goods easier, which is evident with this conceptual Heavy Lift Helicopter by Rashid Tagirov.

Created during the Peugeot Summer Class 2018, the helicopter is designed to seamlessly transport shipping containers to make the process of shifting them from a barge to a port easier for teams. The helicopter has been conceptually designed in models that have a pilot cabin, while others have an autonomous design to eliminate the need for a pilot to even be onboard the unit while in motion.

The conceptual Heavy Lift Helicopter could help to transform oceanic shipping by enabling smaller ports to receive larger goods by letting ships anchor offshore and having shipments shifted via air.