The LiFi-XC Dongle Is a Huge Step Forward In New Tech By PureLiFi

 - Feb 27, 2018
References: purelifi & digitaltrends
PureLiFi has recently demonstrated its light based Li-Fi internet access technology at MWC 2018 with its display of the LiFi-XC dongle. The company has been a pioneer of this technology for quite some time and this recent showing is an amazing display of the potential applications for Li-Fi. Li-Fi is an incredible new form of data connection that ditches radio frequencies for light waves. This technology could prove incredibly useful in the near future as radio frequencies face an impending spectrum crunch.

The LiFi-XC dongle is the first product offered by PureLiFi and it is designed to work with smartphones. A special case, fitted with a Li-Fi receiver, connects to the phone and from there the device is able to stream data via a overhead strip light placed on a modified laptop. The technology is not yet ready to hit the market, but PureLiFi has been in talks with various manufacturers about putting the technology into devices. Full integration with phones and computers could see an amazing step forward in the way data is sent out and could compliment or Wi-Fi in a big way.

Image Credit: Digital Trends