These Life-Like Sculptures by Emilie Pitoiset Include Horses

Animal lover and talented artist Emilie Pitoiset creates life like sculptures of majestic creatures. Pitoiset's works include animals like horses and speckled birds. While these stunning works are extremely realistic, there's something peculiar and intriguing about them as well.

These life-like animals, for whatever reason, have their heads tucked down, adding an interesting element to these already lovely sculptures. One of Pitoiset's pieces is a well-sculpted white horse who is laying on the ground with its face buried between its front legs, as if it were hiding.

Another of her nature-based sculptures is a small, detailed replica of a bird. This charming winged critter is black and covered in little white flecks. Despite this animal's beautiful plumage, it also tucks its head downward, hiding from observers. These remarkably life-like sculptures are visually stunning.