This Life Expectancy Infographic Outlines the Keys to Living Longer

 - Dec 8, 2012
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This life expectancy infographic poses the question, "why do we want to live so long?"

No one really has the answer to this, but it's safe to assume the basis of it is instinctual. We're living, breathing, thinking beings and are intrinsically hardwired to try to stay that way, thus we try to live as long as we can.

The maximum known human lifespan is 126 years old. However, that only occurs in extreme cases. The country with the highest average lifespan is Monaco, where people typically live to almost 90 (89.73). Japan has a life expectancy of 82.25 years and the United States is 49th in the world with a life expectancy of 78.37.

This life expectancy infographic also touches on the factors that affect life expectancy. It says that good genes do affect how long you live, however not as much as lifestyle and chance.