The Poh Liang Hock 'Standing Broom' Will Take Care of Itself

 - Apr 9, 2012
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No more setting your broomstick in a corner then hearing the most irritating racket as it falls to the floor when you turn your back; the Poh Liang Hock 'Standing Broom' can stand up on its own.

The Malaysia-based designer has put thought into the little setbacks within the home and made it easier to store one's broom in a fashionable and worry-less way. The brush portion of the broom can be turned horizontal so that the long handle is held up with a wider base when one does not wish to be using the broom stick. This design makes it easier to leave the broom standing alone rather than having to place it in corners to collect dust or potentially fall over. The design of the broom is highly modern as well so it will work perfectly with any room.