The St. Anna L-Glutathione Supplement Provides Internal Sun Protection

 - Jan 27, 2016
References: sappe & sappe
Formulated to help support the skin's natural defenses against the sun's rays, the St. Anna L-Glutathione supplement contains 100-milligrams of the vitamin. The beverage obtains the vitamin from natural sources such as pine bark and vitamin E, which helps to increase the absorption rates.

Specially designed to help protect the skin from the sun to help control the pigmentation of the skin, the St. Anna L-Glutathione supplement works almost like an internal sunscreen. As more consumers become focused on maintaining health by avoiding sun exposure and leading healthier lifestyles, products like the St. Anna Supplement could continue to see a rise in popularity.

The supplement also comes in a collagen variation for those seeking out skin-firming benefits, which features ingredients sourced from the deep seas of Japan.